Virtual PBX Phone Systems –
Reviews and Services

1. Grasshopper

Grasshopper advertises itself as a phone system for entrepreneurs. Small businesses can improve their image by using a system that’s comparable to those used by Fortune 500 companies.All that’s required is choosing a phone number, recording a greeting, adding employees, and you’re ready to go. There are various types of customizations and you can upgrade for additional monthly free minutes at any time.  The low base price makes Grasshopper a perfect choice for proprietorship concerns and small businesses.

Only incoming calls are handled since Grasshopper is a virtual PBX. There’s no contract and you get a 30 day money back guarantee.

The various plans are PAYG (Pay As You Grow), RAMP, GROW, and MAX. Each of them has one local or toll-free number and unlimited extensions. Other standard features include call forwarding, free conference calling, unlimited call handling, voicemail-to-email transfers, etc.

The basic fee structure includes monthly fees of $9.95, setup fees of $25.00, and long distance fee of $0.06/min. The charges for additional minutes on all the plans are $.06/minute. There are no cancellation fees.


2. RingCentral

A simple but nagging problem that small businesses face is answering phone calls in a consistent and professional way. Hiring an efficient receptionist proves expensive with basic pay plus healthcare, taxes, and other costs; while deploying a dull, soul-less automatic IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system often puts clients on a somewhat frustrating telephonic chase.

RingCentral offers a cost effective and better third option for management. It provides hosted phone systems that are specially designed for distributed and mobile businesses. When it comes to cloud computing-based telephony, RingCentral is one of the forerunners. It enables small businesses to conveniently streamline the flow of all business communications – whether it’s e-mail, mobile, or fax.

This cloud-based, business-class phone system can be accessed from any corner of the globe at significantly lower fixed costs, which is a major reason for its growing popularity. You get a minimum of 10 virtual extensions for your selected toll free or local number. The core product offering comprises of RingCentral Mobile, RingCentral Office, and RingCentral Internet Fax. Services are provided in Canada, USA, and UK.



In the list of the most dependable, no contract required, business VoIP services; features near the top. Using this, you can engage in conference calls with up to 99 participants. Smartphones can effortlessly use this service through its mobile app. You can get all call related statistics for a reasonable fee. This service has a reliable network, two server locations, and 24×7 customer service.

With, you get both business-based and residential VoIP phone services. There are four scaled business VoIP plans organized under the Virtual Office program. These are categorized on the basis of the number of minutes provided. Minutes per month vary from 300 minutes to 2500 minutes. There are some standard rates and features associated with all the business plans. The rates for optional features are also standard across the scaled plans. In addition, there are monthly and yearly contract options.

The Home Phone Plus residential service offers an array of specialized VoIP features along with scalability between unlimited and limited monthly plans. With yearly contracts, there are discounts available.